Keigo’s Toyota Crown


Keigo’s Toyota Crown is the JZS155 chassis. They seem to be modified here and there but not as seen as often as say the S170. I have always liked this body style because it reminds me of a W124 Mercedes with the front and hood lines! Keigo picked the JZS155 because they are hardly ever modified. He told me because they’re bad. Well I think his is really good!

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Kazuomi’s Lexus IS-F

Kazuomi’s IS-F is definitely a one of a kind. Of course, we will get into detail of the car down below at the “Car Setup”. He is the manager of Style Cockpit Feel. Cockpit is a chain of automotive stores in Japan. They have a lot of different branches that seem to specialize in slightly different things; each Cockpit store has a different suffix. I first got a really good read of Cockpit when I read the online StanceNation article ( that reviewed “Cockpit 910” and the cars there. That, of course, is a different store than where Kazuomi works as again he manages ( the “Feel” store.
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Mr. Yamada’s Isuzu Forward & Toyota Soarer

This will be a bit longer post as it will be covering two vehicles! I’ve always had a fascination with big trucks and learning about Dekotora style really made me enjoy Japanese car culture that much more. And from there, it grew into learning about other weird trucks they have that we never got. I drove ClassB trucks over-the-road for a while and got a feel for them and that was fairly enjoyable (other than being away for 4-5 weeks and not sleeping well). I actually found out about Mr. Yamada’s truck from a facebook video of him coming into StanceNation from this year. I’ve always wanted a tow truck and had the idea of lowering one and giving it Dekotora touches for a Executive Eleven tow service specializing in lowdown/race car weekend needs for people. Continue reading “Mr. Yamada’s Isuzu Forward & Toyota Soarer”

Sho’s C35 Laurel

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Alex’s 1996 Nissan 240sx

I got to head out to “100 Drifters of December” (DriftNirvana) end of the year event last weekend on December 4th 2016. It was an amazing event! Tons of cars as well as drivers and Summit Point Raceway had all 3-4 tracks opened at one time. Everywhere you looked there was drifting. On top of that, there were a lot of awesome cars there as well, including a lot of Japanese cars (C33s, JZX90, and even a JZX100). Shout of to Phil for inviting me to tag along! (instagram @philavor)
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“Sponsored Car” Pablo’s 240sx

Pablo has definitely put a lot of work into this car. He actually transferred everything but the exterior pieces from another S13 chassis. All the work, inside and out, he did himself. This particular car started as a stock KA powered car. In 2013 he swapped in a 2JZGE and in 2014/2015 he went to the current 1JZGTE setup. He really pulled off that Japanese style he was going for. As I said in Luis’ truck article, (, I’m really fortunate to be able to surround myself with really awesome people and Pablo is definitely one of them. Continue reading ““Sponsored Car” Pablo’s 240sx”