TKKT’s Toyota Crown ATHLETE

TKKT sent me an email a couple of days ago with his new ride, a GRS184 Crown! He sold his JZX100 MarkII that he owned for years written here ( If you have never seen a 18x (x because they had multiple different variants of the 184 crown starting with the S180 in 2003) Crown, you can see another example from my good friend Shun (

I am more than excited to write about other cars and when he sent me photos specifically for the article! I haven’t talked to him much about his new car, how he’s enjoying it, if he plans on drifting it, or just having it as a nice comfortable cruiser; so I don’t know the back story just yet. But I think the Crown is a nice upgrade from the Mark-II. He owned it for a long time so maybe it was time for a change. A lot of people may disagree but the Crown is a much newer luxury car that has a lot more features and the styling cues I just really love!

(助けてくれて ありがとう)
I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of great people and make new friends with this blog. It’s actually gone better than I would have ever imagined and I thank everyone your support! Let’s continue to learn about the car details and specifications!

Car Setup:
Engine/Drive Train:
Standard V6

DSC00446 (1)
– 326power Coilovers(32kg/12kg)
NisshoTire Adjustable Front Upper Arm
VIP GENB High caster Front Bushings
CUSCO Adjustable Rear Upper Arm
CUSCO Adjustable Toe Arms
CUSCO Adjustable Control Arms

DSC00439 (1)
– Genuine – Toyota did a fantastic job with the 18x interior!

DSC00448 (1)
– 19×9.5 -3 / 19×11 +11
– 215/35/245/35 Tires
– Body color: TOYOTA 202Black (if you were wondering)
– Genuine Front/Side/Rear Aero
– Unknown Roof Spoiler

More Photo/Videos:
DSC00450 (1)DSC00434 (1)

Photos By: TKKT (Thank You!)
Follow him on Youtube:


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