Shun’s S184 CROWN

Damn, damn….damn (eyes wide) – I love all CROWNs but especially the S18x chassis. Toyota just did it right with this car. Everything from the front grill to the rear trunk to each line. This is one car I really wish the U.S. had received as it’s pretty much perfect. And Shun makes it even better, as we’ll read below.
The first S18x car I wrote about was Masahiro’s awesome car ( and you can check it out there. It’s an S182 so they are slightly different but overall very similar. Talking about similar, the featured photo may look very similar to you. And that’s because it is it. It’s a photo done by Road Way Shadow. I actually found this car from Masaki sending me his photos; so thank you Masaki! (lol) – Shun let me write about his car and I’m very excited about it because I was super excited when I saw the first photo of it from Masaki. These cars came factory with a few options. He chose the V6 because it is not a common variant engine choice for drifting. Different…is cool! Overall, as you will read below, the mod list is pretty crazy on this car and I would love to see it slide in person! So let’s get on with it below!

Car Setup:
Engine/Drive Train:
2GR-FSE Engine
– Tom’s Tuned Engine
– SARD 6-speed Manual Conversion Kit

Info. Update 3/2/2017:
– T-Demand 極限ダンパー(kyokugen damper) Full Spec (F: 50k~R:30k)
– T-Demand Complete Control Arm Setup!
– Projectμ Brake Setup ~ Disk/Caliper (4pot/2pot)

He said running the T-Demand coilover with the T-Demand arm is the best! (Compared to the T-Demand arm with 326Power coilover).

– Interior is overall stock other than the shifter for the SARD transmission and clutch pedal
– Aluminum Pedals
~ Recaro Seat

– Current Wheels: Bronze Volk TE37V Mark2s: 18×10.5 ± 0 Squared
– Tires:Front – Toyo Nanoeagy 215 / 40 ~ Rear TOyo Proxes T1Sports 245 / 35
– Genuine TOYOTA S Package

More Pictures:

Thank you Shun!
Let’s continue to spread information about beautiful cars!
Follow Shun on instagram @shun.kato
Photos By: Shun Kato, 車道-Shadow, Yama-channel



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