Masahiro’s GRS182 CROWN

What is “Perfect Stance”? No one can really define that, when you think about it. Everyone has their own taste and style for every genre of “car modifying”. But when I think “stance”, I immediately think of Masahiro’s CROWN. I keep coming back to it because the ride height is so low yet the alignment isn’t super crazy. And on top of that, he’s static. There seems to be a lot of negative camber, but it’s not so much that you think: “How do you drive that thing?”or “There’s so much more rear camber than front, it must handle like a forklift.”

Of course this can start debates on so many levels but that’s not what we’re about on this blog. I like every style of the car modifying world as I think we all should. We are all here for the purpose of enjoying and loving cars. No matter what path you take with your car, deep down, we all strive for that “Car Happiness” feeling. All you want is the be “happy” with “your” car. So we should all start just enjoying each other no matter slight differences! (Unless it’s using tin-foil for a hood scoop)

In most parts of the U.S. I really don’t think you could drive a car this low unless you only took the highways and got off at certain exits and took certain back roads that you knew were smooth. But let’s face it..being low is cool. Masahiro is all about being static and super low, emphasis on static. Let’s get into a little bit about what’s done to the car below.

On a side note, I always said, I really wish we received the Crown in the U.S. as a Lexus variant especially in the S180 chassis.

Car Setup:

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Toyota GRS182 Crown
– BBS LM – 18×10 +3 Squared
– RS☆R Black-i Coilovers
– CUSCO Camber Arms
– T-Demand Front Upper Arm
– T-Demand Front Lower Arm
– Camber: -8 Degrees Front / -10 Degrees Rear

More Pictures:

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Follow Masahiro on Instagram: @gucci_outliper

Photos By: Masahiro Yamaguchi
GA9 (Instagram: gaku_370z)
KM Photography


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