Shun’s S184 CROWN

Damn, damn….damn (eyes wide) – I love all CROWNs but especially the S18x chassis. Toyota just did it right with this car. Everything from the front grill to the rear trunk to each line. This is one car I really wish the U.S. had received as it’s pretty much perfect. And Shun makes it even better, as we’ll read below.
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Keigo’s Toyota Crown


Keigo’s Toyota Crown is the JZS155 chassis. They seem to be modified here and there but not as seen as often as say the S170. I have always liked this body style because it reminds me of a W124 Mercedes with the front and hood lines! Keigo picked the JZS155 because they are hardly ever modified. He told me because they’re bad. Well I think his is really good!

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