Keigo’s Toyota Crown


Keigo’s Toyota Crown is the JZS155 chassis. They seem to be modified here and there but not as seen as often as say the S170. I have always liked this body style because it reminds me of a W124 Mercedes with the front and hood lines! Keigo picked the JZS155 because they are hardly ever modified. He told me because they’re bad. Well I think his is really good!

What makes this article even cooler is that the modifications he has chosen are subtle yet very loud (literally). He has owned his Crown since October 2014. Through out his ownership he has changed up the front lips and it has seen some damage now and then, but over all, the car has been the same and kept really clean! Low down, small wheels, and OEM body work. You know that’s my thing. And then he told me he 90% of the time street drifts I was just like YES! All the shit I love combined! haha…He goes to a couple tracks every now and then but most of the time he is goofing in the streets or on the mountains. I’ll include a couple of videos he sent me down at the very bottom of this article below the “More Pictures” section. Let’s get on with the car setup!…

Car Setup:


Engine Bay/Drive Train
– Cylinder Head Resurfaced
– Cylinder Head Ported
– 1JZ-GE Machined Pistons
– One-Off ITB setup (unknown origin)
– One-Off Exhaust Manifold
– AT –> R154 Conversion
– Aftermarket LSD
– 2JZ-GTE Valve Cover
– One-Off Muffler


– Helios Coilovers (24k/22k spring rates)
– Helios Shortened Steering Knuckles
– Modified Tension Rods
– Modified Cross Member
– Modified Rear Lower Control Arms
–  Modified Rear Subframe
– Helios Rear Subframe Bracket
– Helios Rigid Diff. Mounts



– BRIDE Fixed Back Seat
– Momo Steering Wheel
– A/F Gauge
– Spin/Turn EBrake Knob
– Suichuuka Shift Knob
– Double-DIN HeadUnit


– Mickey Thompson Wheels (15×10 -46 Squared)
– Genuine BodyWork
– Modified Arches
– LED Tail Lights
– Pinstriping

More Photos/Videos:




Photos By: Keigo Asakura
M.N.R freak session


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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    1. I probably won’t be able to get the exact tire sizes, sorry. Glad you’re enjoying my blog! I plan to get new 6 year stickers made soon and have a new article about an FD3S tonight!


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