Shigemitsu Tanimura’s 180sx

We all get our inspiration for a certain chassis from something within. Whether it’s a past-time from an automotive family or friend, maybe from a movie or “hero” you have. We all have some sort of back story and that is always what I love to find out and read about! Shige first starting liking the 180sx chassis in high school when he saw Nomura-Ken’s 180sx; He purchased this specific car on April 2nd 2010. He thought, “Cool!” and since then he has morphed his own style and variation into what you will be reading about today! Very specific time line, I like that!

You can tell that his car is a mix-match of a few different styles that makes his own creation and taste that is really unique! Fender flares, stock bumper with cut outs, it is good! He goes to drift events both minor and major, so the car gets used a lot! So below, in the Car Setup, you will be digging into the car specifications with some pictures to match. So let’s get started!

Car Setup:
~1998 180sx
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
SR20DET (Internally Stock)
– OEM Turbo
– HKS 256/256 Camshafts
– “ORIJIN” Exhaust Manifold
– TOMEI Outlet Pipe
– TOMEI Front Pipe
– HKS Air Filter
– CuscoRZ Differential
– Oil Filter Relocation Kit

– Trust Coilovers
– TEIN Tension Rods
– NISMO Traction Rods
– Cusco Toe Rods
– SHPengineering Steering Knuckles
– Brake Discs: Front – R32 GTR ~ Rear: OEM

– Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
– Seats: Driver – BRIDE ZETAⅢ Type-M ~ Passenger: BRIDE Brix
– Spin EBrake Knob
– One-Off Modified 90-degree Handle

– Front Wheels: WORK MeisterS1 8j-20
– Rear Wheels: WORK Meisters1 10j-9
– 180SX  Chuki Front Bumper
– Rocketbunny Ver. 2 Kit
– Self-Made Rear Diffuser

More Photos:

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Photos By: Shigemitsu Tanimura & For9nine


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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