Simple – Clean Mods | Nissan 180sx

Seeing a clean preserved, yet used, SChassis these days is getting harder to come by. Ando’s Nissan 180sx is a perfect example. Let’s dive in!

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Daisuke’s Nissan 180sx HellaFlush

The Nissan SChassis is one of the most, if not number 1, picked Japanese cars to modify. It’s an easy choice for a lot of people because they have been around for over 30 years now and have the perfect “sports car” combination: RWD, manual transmission, lightweight, and good looks!

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Shigemitsu Tanimura’s 180sx

We all get our inspiration for a certain chassis from something within. Whether it’s a past-time from an automotive family or friend, maybe from a movie or “hero” you have. We all have some sort of back story and that is always what I love to find out and read about! Shige first starting liking the 180sx chassis in high school when he saw Nomura-Ken’s 180sx; He purchased this specific car on April 2nd 2010. He thought, “Cool!” and since then he has morphed his own style and variation into what you will be reading about today! Very specific time line, I like that!
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