Simple – Clean Mods | Nissan 180sx

Seeing a clean preserved, yet used, SChassis these days is getting harder to come by. Ando’s Nissan 180sx is a perfect example. Let’s dive in!

When you think of “The Pefect S-Chassis” there are so many variations that can come to mind. S13, 14, or 15, coupe or hatch, stock aero or BN Sports kit, 15 inch or 18 inch wheels…That’s the beauty of these cars; so many ways to customize them to suit the owner. One way to customize is the classic “simple and clean” look. I feel as we get older, and as these cars become lessor in numbers, it’s more of a luxury to go this route. He’s done a great job showcasing this style!

In 2012, with only having 45,000KMs and 1 owner with 0 accidents, his dad purchased this 180sx. When he turned 20 years old, his dad past it down to him and he started driving it. That led him to modifying it and even drifting it at places like Nikko Circuit, Mikawa Motorland, and others! You gotta admit, midnight purple just suits a 180 so well!

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Car Setup:

– Redtop SR20DET
– NISMO Engine Mounts
– S15 Turbo Gasket (S13 Turbo)
– Super Light Radiator
– DMAX Cooling Panel
– GPSports Fan
– GKTech Reservoir Tank
– Virion Low Temp Thermostat
– Z32 Fuel Filter
– TRUST Oil Catch Can
– AEM Fuel Pump
– Trust Profec
– BLITZ Sus Power Air Filter
– DMAX Dual Front Pipe
– Apexi SuperMegaphone Muffler

– NISMO Steering Rack Bushing
– Exedy Ultra Clutch
– Mesh Clutch Hose
– Nismo Slave Cylinder
– Tomei Brake Master Cylinder Stopper
– TANABE Sustec Strut Brace
– RG Coilovers
– SB Corporation Knuckles
– Nismo S14 Lower Control Arms
– URAS Adjustable Tension Rods
– S14 Ikeya Formula Tie Rods
– DMAX Adjustable Tie Rod Ends
– GPSports Eccentric Kit
– YashioFactory Core Support Guard
– Nagisa Auto Plate
– NISMO Enforced Transmission Mounts
– CUSCO Adjustable Upper Control Arms
– Unknown Rear Pillar Bar
– S14 4lug Hubs

– 340mm Nardi Classic
– WORKS Bell Hub
– RECARO SP-GM Bucket Seat
– R33 GTR Passenger Seat
– Yashio Factory Water Temp. Gauge
– Nismo Mechanical Boost Gauge
– GREX Shift Knob
– Kazama Auto Spin-Turn Knob
– Takata 4point harnesses
– Broadway Rearview Mirror
– RollCage

– AVS Model6s (and other select options for spares)
– CA (pignose) Bumper
– R32 Genuine Front Lip
– OEM Optional Side Skirts
– OEM Optional Rear Spoiler
– Unknown Headlight Lenses

More Photos:

Photos by:
Tokyonür, 智貴安藤 & Friends

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