ITB SR22DE Silvia

The SR20 motor has been popular ever since it’s release completely dominating the CA18. Even in the states, people have been swapping out the KA24DE for an SR20DET since the ’90s. This is an full Tomei spec 2.2L!

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Even with turbo motor swaps now costing roughly $7,000USD in some cases, it’s still a popular motor for a reason. Weight distribution, easy tunability, and swap/parts/mod threads on forums for days. The turbo option is still a favorite among a lot of SChassis owners to this day!

For Tomoya he went with the, once was, unconventional route; a naturally aspirated SR20 beefing it up to 2.2L and ITBs for a full out track attack specifically for the Autopolis circuit!

Car Setup:

SR22DE 4 Throttle Specification ~200HP
– Tomei 2.2L Stroker Kit
– Tomei Individual Throttle Bodies
– DrySump Oil Setup
– 4-1 Header
– Civic Radiator
– EWP Electric Water Pump
– MR2 Electric Power Steering Setup
– Water Cooled Oil Cooler
– Center Exit Exhaust

– SPIRIT Coilovers
– Nissan (R33/Z32) Brake Caliper Setup
– Full Arms Setup
– Mechanical LSD

– Gutted
– Full Weldin Rollcage
– Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
– Trunk Cut and Flattened
– Recaro Driver Bucket Seat (green to match paint)
– AIM DASH2 Digital Tach.
– A/F Gauge

This is the unfinished phase. Once it’s complete, I’ll update the post!
– Red TE37RT (17×9.5 +12) or Blue CE28Ns
– Carbon Roof
– Yashio Factory Front Bumper
– Unknown Sideskirts – bottom processed
– DMAX Front Fenders with One-Off Machined Vents
– Front Bumper Canards
– GT Front UnderPanel
– Rear bumper Cut
– GT Wing

Photos By: Tomoya Hokayashiki
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