Final Bout 2019 (Gallery)

This event was everything and then some. Please give this post time to load as there’s TONS of photos!
First, I want to thank the guys who made Final Bout possible, getting the SEXY KNIGHTS guys and their cars over from Japan, and Nissan for making the VK56VD an incredibly smooth engine. No issues for a 14 hour straight drive up to the event! lol..

Usually, I write articles about the Car Setup. Since most people drove or flew many hours to specifically see Sexy Knights, we will start with their cars; then we will go from the parking entrance, through the pits, and over to drifting. In the typical “More Photos” area at the bottom of post, I will put the videos of the events there. Most of my photos were from the pits as I was too busy taking videos or just having a great time watching!
(Open any image in a new tab for full screen)

Sexy Knights Cars:
Suzuki’s FC3S RX7

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On Saturday, he wasn’t feeling too well but I am glad he got better! I was going to bring him a green tea but I didn’t have any left over by the time I knew he was sick..I really like all the stickers including the hand written one of his son on the back! He told me it has about 360ps. The car seemed to be doing great all day until he had a leak in the radiator which was quickly fixed! He had easily learned the track and was doing huge almost 90 degree entries into the main straight turn on the advanced course!
If you notice the FREESTYLE sticker, I was happy to see, that is Shigemitsu which you can read about his 180sx here

Ryo’s FC3S RX7:

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I really like Ryo’s FC a lot! The CR-Kais, the stance, the color combo, it was all great! He popped the hood for me and told me it has over 300ps. None of these cars have no more than 375ps. His car was doing great the entire day. It didn’t seem like there were any hiccups other than testing the new THRASH seat and interchanging the padding. While I was taking pictures, he told me this graphic on their cars is his business. A fish market! Here’s his website:

Daigo’s 180sx

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Each Sexy Knights car has LED tail lights. I’m not sure if they did that on purpose or if it’s just because LED tail lights are cool but I liked that a lot. Next time, I’ll make sure to get a more proper detailed guide of what is all done to the cars specifically. But as you can see in Diago’s 180sx, it’s a pretty basic setup! This car seemed like it was a bare bones drift car. I liked it and was surprised there wasn’t more into it! The only issue he had that day was some sort of mis-fire and a broken brake line. But all of that got fixed within, seemed like minutes, and he was back out there!

Videos&More Photos:
“There’s going to be so many photos of me changing sparkplugs”P1190240P1190244P1190305P1190306P1190307P1190308P1190310P1190326P1190327P1190328P1190330P1190348P1190351P1190355P1190368P1190370P1190372P1190373P1190375P1190376P1190377P1190380P1190382P1190384P1190387P1190388P1190389P1190401P1190402P1190403P1190404P1190406P1190407P1190408P1190409P1190410P1190411P1190412P1190413P1190414P1190415P1190416P1190417P1190418P1190420P1190421P1190422P1190423P1190424P1190425P1190427P1190429P1190430P1190431P1190432P1190433P1190444P1190445P1190446P1190447P1190448P1190449P1190450P1190452P1190453P1190454P1190455P1190456P1190457P1190459P1190461P1190462P1190464P1190465P1190466P1190467P1190468P1190469P1190470P1190471P1190472P1190473P1190479P1190480P1190481P1190483P1190487P1190488P1190489P1190492P1190493P1190494P1190495P1190496P1190498P1190499P1190500P1190501P1190502P1190503P1190504P1190505P1190506P1190507P1190509P1190510P1190511P1190514P1190515P1190518P1190519P1190526P1190649P1190651P1190656P1190657P1190659P1190667P1190668P1190669P1190670P1190671P1190676P1190677P1190678P1190679P1190680P1190683P1190684P1190686P1190689P1190690P1190691P1190692P1190693P1190695P1190696P1190697P1190699P1190700P1190701P1190702P1190703P1190704P1190706P1190707P1190708P1190709P1190710P1190711P1190712P1190713P1190714P1190715P1190716P1190717P1190719P1190720P1190721P1190722P1190723P1190724P1190725P1190726P1190728P1190730P1190731P1190732P1190735P1190736P1190737P1190738P1190739P1190740P1190741P1190742P1190744P1190746P1190752P1190753P1190754P1190755P1190759P1190761P1190762P1190763P1190764P1190765P1190767P1190769P1190770P1190771P1190772P1190773P1190774P1190775P1190776P1190777P1190779P1190780P1190781P1190783P1190785P1190786P1190788P1190790P1190791P1190792P1190793P1190794P1190795P1190796P1190797P1190798P1190799P1190800P1190801P1190804P1190805P1190807P1190808P1190809P1190812P1190813P1190814P1190815P1190816P1190817P1190818P1190819P1190820P1190821P1190822P1190823P1190824P1190825P1190826P1190827P1190828P1190829P1190831P1190832P1190833P1190835P1190836P1190838P1190839P1190840P1190841P1190842P1190844P1190845P1190846P1190847P1190848P1200003P1200012P1200013P1200014P1200015P1200016P1200019P1200020P1200021P1200022P1200023P1200026P1200042P1200043P1200044P1200045P1200046P1200047P1200048P1200049P1200050P1200051P1200052P1200053P1200054P1200055P1200056P1200057P1200059P1200060P1200061P1200062P1200077P1200080P1200081P1200082P1200083P1200084P1200085P1200086P1200087P1200088P1200089P1200090P1200091P1200092P1200095P1200096P1200113P1200117P1200150sebas 1sebas 2.5sebas 7team
All Photos By: Jonathan Rice (
*A lot of these photos aren’t watermarked. If you use them, please give credit or put the blog URL with your post. I plan to edit all of them up at some point (lol)


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