Brian’s 300HP MKIV Supra

That’s nothing for a turbo supra. But this one is Naturally Aspirated…
Brian and I met over 10 years ago. I was at Barnes and Noble with my very stock ’95 Nissan 240sx that I drove during high school. He was in his Supra. Being from Mississippi, seeing one around at the time was rare but seeing one that was loud, loped at idle, and had TE37s, was a very rare treat. We struck up a conversation immediately. He started telling me he owns an FC RX7, and another car, a Chevy Baretta GT. I’ve rode in all these cars and, I’m not lying, his Beretta GT is amazing. But that’s for another story.  He once took me on a late night highway blast, I literally had PTSD thoughts of Smokey Nagata’s wangan run (lol). I actually like an N/A setup like this more because of the response. Instant low down torque! I was hoping to get an engine sound clip during my visit but it was in February and the car was sitting up during the winter.

Brian has owned this Supra since the year 2000. He bought it from a friend for $9,500 with 69,000 miles; it’s a 1995 year model. After all this time, it now has 96,000 original miles. It was completely stock at the time and he’s done all the work on it. His day job is working on and restoring classic European cars. This car is mainly used for track days and auto cross events. He’s driven this car at TX2K Supra track event a couple of times as well. Let’s get into the car setup!

Car Setup:
Mustang Dyno’d at 267whp
3,035lbs (scale weighted)
– Exard Headers
– Power House Racing IS300 Header Heat Shield
– Boost Logic Midpipe
– JIC Titanium Catback Exhaust (mmm)
– OBX water Pump Pully
– Setrab 19 Row Oil Cooler
– 15lbs Braille Battery
– Turbo Supra Valve Covers
– Genuine Turbo Supra Radiator
– TRD rad cap
– Driftmotion Alternator Underdrive Pully
– ATI Crank Damper
– 268 WEB Intake & Exhaust Cams
– Port and Polished Head
– 1mm Over Sized Titanium Valves
– Brian Crower Valve Springs
– Brian Crower Titanium Retainers
– ARP Head Studs
– Sleeper Designs Intake Manifold
– Sleeper Designs 70mm Throttle Body
– Cold Air Intake
– K&N Air Filter
– Unorthodox Adjustable Cam Gears
– AGP Turbo air/oil Separator
– Stock Bottom End
– A/C delete
– P/S delete

– JUN Forged Chromoly Flywheel
– ARP Flywheel Bolts
– RPS Max Clutch
– Driftmotion Locking Ring
– Titan Solid Engine Mounts
– Solid Trans Mount
– Driftmotion Aluminum Driveshaft
– KAZZ 1.5 Way LSD
– 4.10 Ring and Pinion
– LS400 Front Calipers
– 2 piece Front Rotors
– Turbo Supra Rear Calipers
– Project MU HC+ Brake Pads
– S.S. Clutch Line
– Earl’s S.S. Brake Lines
– To Be Installed: V160 Transmission (Stock 5 Speed is Finally Making Noises)

– JDM Toyota Bilsteins Converted to Coilovers
– Eibach Springs
– Driftmoiton Sway Bar Endlinks
– Mintspeed titanium strut brace
– Titin Motorsports Adjustable Sway Bars
– Poly Urethane Upper and Lower A-Arm Bushings
– Power House Racing Adjustable Rear Traction Bars
– To Be Installed: JIC A2 Coilovers

– Sparco EVO Seat
– Sparco Seat Base and Side Mounts
– Sparco Harness Bar
– Takata 6 point Harnesses
– Classic Nardi Deep Corn Steering Wheel
– TRD Horn Button
– TRD 10,000 RPM Tac.
– Drift Motion Shift Knob
– GREDDY Oil Pressure Gauge
– Innovate AFR gauge
– Radio Delete
– Air Bag Complete System Delete
– Relocated Battery to Trunk

– Race Weekend Wheels: 17×9 +30 / 18×10 +30 Rear
– Street Wheels: 17×9 +40 / 17×9.5 +40 TE37s
– TRD wing with carbon center (knock off)
– RMM Front Lip
– To Be Installed:
– Mileiastia Designs Dry Carbon Hood (Top Secret Style)
((Lightest Hood You Can Buy for Supras))

More Photos & Other Cars at the Shop:
Car he’s currently working on
One of his dad’s car (Owns a Jaguar E-Type and others)P1170596P1170597
Glimpse of his Beretta GT he’s owned since new (Also for Auto-X)P1170607P1170609P1170615P1170617P1170620P1170622P1170626
Brian also owns a Lotus Esprit Turbo
He just refreshed the engine
Photos By: Jonathan Rice


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

3 thoughts on “Brian’s 300HP MKIV Supra”

  1. Does anyone know the name of the shop? I’m trying to do something similar with a 7MGE and it would be great to get in contact with somebody who has experience.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Tbh, you can build it yourself. Except the enlarged valves, there are no hard to install mods. Most of them are bolt ons. And porting just takes time and patience. Personally i’m surprised that it has so few and non-extreme mods and somehow managed to go from 224 to 300HP at the crank.


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