Yuto’s Nissan Silvia S14

Yuto wanted a 2000cc turbo car so he went with the S14. At first, he planned to do the rocket bunny kit but with there being so many fakes, he decided to go a different route and it made him re-think his approach to how he wanted to go about modifying it.

The car started out as a very clean silver car with a NAVAN bumper. He got bored with it quickly and started modifying it (painting the engine bay pink first). Upon all of his ideas, he mixed Japanese drifting with clean culture styles. And for color combo, he got inspiration from “Lebron 8 South Beach” (teal and pink).
intro 8
intro 7intro 5

Car Setup:

interior 149411102_280185366005505_5692519387483865088_n
Parts List:
– SAITO ROLL CAGE 7-point roll cage
– D-MAX Struts and 326POWER coils
– AVENUE Steering Wheel
– SKIT Racing Arms
– BBS RS Wheels – Front: 11 -4 ~ Rear: 11.5 -10
– BN Sports Type 3 Body Kit
– D-MAX Hood
– BEHRMAN Front Fenders
– CHARGE SPEED Rear Fenders
– D-MAX Spoiler
– Matched Pink Dash, Door Cards, Engine Bay, Floor, Trunk
– GOOD GUN Bucket Seats
– DEFI Gauges (Boost, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp.

More Photos: 
exterior 3
exterior 4
49948425_413102369260504_6570841376336904192_ninterior 2interior 650299936_539570419896052_5249411150608596992_n
exterior 650230648_1103944409765074_4325062565634768896_n
Holy pink…
Photos By: # LOWRESS.crew and HAPPY STANCE from Tsubasa Takeuchi, TK.photograph, Ryo Films, Yuto (thank you!)


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