Ichinoshin’s Nissan Silvia S15

Good evening, it’s been a while. I hope everyone had a good holiday. New Year and a new decade, 2020, is right around the corner! Today, we will read and see a beautiful S15.
Firstly, thank you everyone for your support over the years! You will see my blog stickers on this S15 and at Tsukuba Time Attack in 2021 on Kensei’s S14 which I wrote about here (https://exec-11.us/2018/12/21/kenseis-nissan-silvia-track-weapon/). Since we’re on a S-chassis kick (I always am), Tomoyuki made a blog sticker to match his others on his hood! You can read about that here (https://exec-11.us/2017/10/11/tomoyuki-s13/)

I have been meaning to write about this S15 for a couple months but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time. But I am very glad to be able to share photos and info on this sweet Silvia! This car is a fun clean car that gets the job done. He drifts this specific car as you’ll see below as he actually owns 2 S15s; he loves them! I like the wheels, clean body, and it’s an overall cool car! He took pictures for me just for this article so thank you for that! I really am grateful when owners send me photos! I want to meet everyone in the future whom I’ve written about!

Car Setup:
Nissan Silvia Spec-R
– Engine “Boost Up”

– 326Power Coilovers
– 326Power Full Arms
– GPSports G-Sonic Full Kit
– 18×9.5 SSR SP4s

– Half Cage
– NARDI Classic Steering Wheel
– BRIDE Seats
– Boost Gauge
– Double Din HeadUnit
– Spin-Turn Knob
– Checkard Mats

More Photos:
Photos By: Ichinoshin Takeshita, AutonGraphic, DOHC, WK Films


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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