Ralph’s S13 Silvia

Tomoyuki (Ralph)  has owned this car for roughly 10 years. It was purchased as a completely stock base model A/T car. Over the years, it was converted to M/T, engine exchanged and overhauled, and aftermarket parts installed. Below we will go over the setup in detail in the Car Setup. He is usually seen drifting at events!

I’ve always enjoyed to hear when someone keeps the same car(s) for many years. Whether they completely modify the car to a crazy specification, throw a few parts on, or keep it stock, I’ve always been happy to hear when someone keeps a car for a long time. It makes me think someone either really cares about the car or just enjoys driving and has come so far, might as well keep it. A lot of people will keep a car for a short term then sell it to build something else or do it all over again with the same chassis. I think keeping the same car, not only will you know a car inside and out but also the comfort levels of the car and the breaking points of traction.

Car Setup:
– 2.1 Stroker Kit
– Full Tune (Balanced/Port/Polish)
– Tomei Pistons
– Tomei Connecting Rods
– GREDDY Intake
– Yashio Factory Radiator
– ? Strut Bar
– R32 GTR Transmission
– OS Giken Twin Plate Clutch
– Cusco 1 WAY Diff

– GP-SPORTS Coilovers (10kg/8kg)
– FLCA Extended 30mm
– 326Power Knuckles
– CUSCO Upper Arms
– DMAX D1 Spec Traction Rods
– Ikeya Formula Tie Rods
– URAS tie-rod extensions

– Rear Stripped
– 330mm Nardi Classic
– CUSCO Bolt-in Roll Cage
– Unknown Bucket Seat
– SABELT belts
– Painted center console

Wheels ~ Front: 17×9 -1 SSR Agle Strusse / Rear: 17×11.5 -6 FABULOUS Expand
– Front Bumper: BN-SPORTS B-Style
– Unknown Hood (YJA Purchase)
– Front Fenders: Vertex
– East Bear Mirrors
– Side Skirts: BN-SPORTS Type 2
– Origin Roof Spoiler
– 326Power Wing
– Graphics and Stickers! (lol)

(I asked Tomoyuki if it’s okay to use the photos, he said it should be)
Photos By: RYO Graphics


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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