Yuto’s Nissan Cefiro

Hmm, the A31, not as popular in the U.S. as I was hoping/suspecting it to be. If done right, these can be a very fun cars sharing components from other Nissan(s) cars. Similar to other cars of the era, you can build it to a lot of different styles and/or tastes. I’ve always enjoyed this body style and wish we received it in the U.S. Today, we will be looking over Yuto’s Cefiro. As most of the cars on this blog, he uses it mainly for drifting. I found him from knowing Ryosuke (https://exec-11.us/2017/02/21/2304/)

Yuto has owned this car for about 5 years. The fact that these cars came equipped with RBs from the factory makes a very nice option for a nice car to own and being RWD you can make a very capable drift car with some simple bolt ons. Looking at Yuto’s car, you’d think it has a ton of crazy modifications or aftermarket parts but I was surprised to find out that it isn’t overly built. It’s funny, the American drift scene is a lot different for the most part. Some of the first things we do to cars is overly done suspension work, insane HP mods, and below you’ll see you don’t really need much to get going!

Car Setup:
ECR33 RB25DET (Overall Untouched Engine)
– RB20 transmission
– OEM Turbo
– R31House Exhaust Manifold
– Volvo V50 Electric P.S. Pump
– Oil Cooler
– GREDDY Radiator
– TRUST Surge Tank
– Nissan OEM Clutch
– 4.1 Nismo LSD
– Wire Tuck

– D-MAX Coilovers
– CRAFT Springs (18kg/12kg)
– Yura-Mode Knuckles
– FLCAs Extended 30mm
– Unknown Traction Rods
– CUSCO Toe Rods

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– MOMO Steering Wheel
– BRIDE LowMax Driver Seat
– R32 GTR Passenger Seat
– DEFI full gauge set (boost, water temp, oil temp, oil pressure)
– Relocated Battery
– Relocated P.S. Pump

– SSR SP1R ~ Front: 17×9.5 -8 (+20mm spacer) / Rear: 17×10.5 -8 (+40mm spacer)
– D-MAX with CRAFT Springs (18kg/12kg)
– Car-Modify Wonder SHADOW Full Kit
– Modified Arches

More Photos:
Follow Yuto on Instagram: yuto_a31
Photos By: Yuto


Author: Jonathan Rice

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