Kazuomi’s Lexus IS-F

Kazuomi’s IS-F is definitely a one of a kind. Of course, we will get into detail of the car down below at the “Car Setup”. He is the manager of Style Cockpit Feel. Cockpit is a chain of automotive stores in Japan. They have a lot of different branches that seem to specialize in slightly different things; each Cockpit store has a different suffix. I first got a really good read of Cockpit when I read the online StanceNation article (http://www.stancenation.com/2015/11/30/getting-personal-with-cockpit910-japan/) that reviewed “Cockpit 910” and the cars there. That, of course, is a different store than where Kazuomi works as again he manages (https://www.cockpit.co.jp/shop/feel/) the “Feel” store.
He told me as soon as he saw the LEXON IS-F demo car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2015, he ordered the kit on the spot. It is the first car on the market to have this particular kit installed so that’s really cool. And from there, he added a few different features that he liked that really makes the car stand out. As soon as I saw pictures of the car myself, it definitely seemed special!

Car Setup:
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
– aFe “TAKEDA” Air Intake Kit
– SARD Exhaust
– Titanium Mufflers
– Panasonic Chaos C5 Battery

– Special Order 40-way Adjustable CUSCO Coilovers w/ HyperCoil springs (21k/14k)
– CPM Lower Chassis Reinforement Bar
DIXCEL SD Brake Rotors
– DIXCEL Type M Brake Pads

– PPT2 Throttle Controller
– Promina LEDs

– Work Zistance W10M Wheels – Front: 21×10 + 5 ~ Rear:  21×10.5 -2
– LEXON exclusive Feat. RocketBunny Full Kit (Front Lip, Side Splitters, Over Fenders, Rear Lip)
– WALD Carbon Lip Spoiler
– BELLOF D2S Driving Lights
– BELLOF Fog Lights

~ Thank you for giving me the opportunity to write about your car Kazuomi!
~ I hope everyone had a happy holidays and happy new year!

More Photos:

Photos By: Kazuomi Date


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