Kobayashi’s Nissan Cima

In the aftermarket world, the Y32 is mainly used for a “VIP”, or similar, dressup/lowdown style platform. It can be Japan, United States, or Europe, and most people modify these to similar fashion. But some, like Kobayashi, do things the way they’ve dreamed with no short cuts. If there’s ever an argument in the VIP world, I think this is how it should be done. On that note, people tend to categorize certain cars too often without simply enjoying them.
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Yusuke’s 4Door S13

I have been friends with Yusuke for quite some time now from when he was running the Silvia. In this post, we will be discussing his “4Door S13” and the back story of how it began. It has become popular worldwide but especially having interest in the U.S. I figured people would enjoy how it became and what it is now and since he is running an Executive Eleven sticker, I couldn’t help myself! lol
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Kazuomi’s Lexus IS-F

Kazuomi’s IS-F is definitely a one of a kind. Of course, we will get into detail of the car down below at the “Car Setup”. He is the manager of Style Cockpit Feel. Cockpit is a chain of automotive stores in Japan. They have a lot of different branches that seem to specialize in slightly different things; each Cockpit store has a different suffix. I first got a really good read of Cockpit when I read the online StanceNation article (http://www.stancenation.com/2015/11/30/getting-personal-with-cockpit910-japan/) that reviewed “Cockpit 910” and the cars there. That, of course, is a different store than where Kazuomi works as again he manages (https://www.cockpit.co.jp/shop/feel/) the “Feel” store.
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“Sponsored Car” Pablo’s 240sx

Pablo has definitely put a lot of work into this car. He actually transferred everything but the exterior pieces from another S13 chassis. All the work, inside and out, he did himself. This particular car started as a stock KA powered car. In 2013 he swapped in a 2JZGE and in 2014/2015 he went to the current 1JZGTE setup. He really pulled off that Japanese style he was going for. As I said in Luis’ truck article, (https://exec-11.us/2016/11/21/luis-1970-datsun-521/), I’m really fortunate to be able to surround myself with really awesome people and Pablo is definitely one of them. Continue reading ““Sponsored Car” Pablo’s 240sx”

Yuki’s Skyline

The R34 skyline is probably what most people think of when someone says “Skyline”. It’s also probably the most sought after because it is not legal for another seven-ish years. Each person likes one generation over the other, it seems, but I like all generations in their own way. Continue reading “Yuki’s Skyline”