Daniel’s 1991 Mazda Miata

I’ve been friend’s with Daniel for quite some time now. He’s a generous, 25 year old, singl………….

Daniel has owned his Miata going on 5 years this coming August. He purchased it bone stock and has done every modification to it. This is an everything-in-one: occasional daily driver, weekend warrior, cruiser, drifter. He has done a lot of work to it thus far but continues to have ideas and future projects for it. The car started, being bone stock car from 1991, with a 1.6L BP. A future plan is to go 1.8L ITB. We’ll get into the details in the Car Setup below. He’s been getting more seat time recently with local events down in Texas and plans to go to more. With each event, he learns the car more and tweaks it here and there to better suit his driving. We imported the trunk and wheels. The color combo is great! Let’s get to the car setup!

Car Setup:
– Engine ~ Ex-Turbo 1.7L BP
– Eagle Connecting Rods
– ARP Head Studs
– Flyin Miata 10lb Flywheel
– SuperMiata Stainless Clutch Line
– Stainless Headers
– ISR Circuit Spec Exhaust
– M Tuned Fuel Rail
– 1.8L Injectors
– Torsen Type 2 LSD

– Yellowspeed Racing Coilovers
– Racing Beat Adjustable End Links
– Hard Dog M2 Sport Double-Diagonal Roll Bar
– Racing Beat Tubular Front Sway Bar
– Mazdaspeed Miata Rear Sway Bar
– Cobalt Rear Tower Brace
– Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Subframe Brace
– ’99 OE Ladder Brace
– ’94 OE Front Subframe Brace
– Flyin Miata Frame Rails
– Flyin Miata Front Tower Brace
– Flyin Miata Canon Brace
– Power Steering Delete
– Energy Suspension Polyurethane Subframe Bushings
– Energy Suspension  Control arm Bushings
– Energy Suspension  Differential Bushings
– CorsaTec Super Cutie V2 Steering Knuckles
– Nielex Knuckle Braces
– SuperPro Polyurethane Steering Rack Bushings
– GarageStar Steering Rack Risers
– NA8 Brakes
– Stainless Brake Lines

– Vertex Forever Steering Wheel
– Corbeau Forza Seat
– Racequip 5 Point Harness
– NRG Anniversary Quick Release
– DND Performance Tall Race Knob
– Garage Moon Power Floor Mats
– Carbing Dead Pedal
– Hard Dog Harness Bar
– Hard Dog Door Bars
– GarageStar Door Blocks

– 15×8 +5 Work Emotion Kiwami
– Zestino Gredge Tires 195/50
– PS Duce Body Kit
– GarageStar Fender Braces
– Garage Vary clone Finish Panel
– Garage Vary M2 1006 Trunk Lid
– Garage Vary Type 1 Clone Green Carbon Fiber Hood
– OEM Hardtop

More Photos:
Follow Danial on Instagram @jadastreon

Photos By: Michael Newland ~ Instagram @open_diff_photography


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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