Yusuke’s 4Door S13

I have been friends with Yusuke for quite some time now from when he was running the Silvia. In this post, we will be discussing his “4Door S13” and the back story of how it began. It has become popular worldwide but especially having interest in the U.S. I figured people would enjoy how it became and what it is now and since he is running an Executive Eleven sticker, I couldn’t help myself! lol


Around six years ago, Yusuke had the idea of creating a 4door S13 using an R32 as the base. He thought it was such a cool idea but since he had his Silvia and was maintaining it, he didn’t have the funds to start the project. In 2015, Silvia’s motor blew up so it gave him the perfect timing to start the 4door S13 process! He started searching Yahoo Japan for cars and engines. He originally was going to use an RB25DET but since that has been done before, and “boring”, he decided to go with an RB26DETT. Time went by and he found the perfect RB26 and a month after he found the perfect base R32. If you’ve been following the process for long enough, you’ll remember when it was in the black 4door S13 stage. At the time, I had thought that was as far as he was going to take it. Having not only full S13 exterior conversion but also interior conversion! At the time, I was blown away at the craftsmanship. Even then, I thought the car was really cool but what I didn’t know is how far he would take it!

Car Setup:

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– Tomei Forged Piston Kit 86.5φ
– Nismo Connecting Rods
– Nismo Conrods
– Tomei Powered Metal Head Gasket 1.2 mm
– Unknown Cam pulley
– HKS Timing Belt
– Billion Super Thermo Thermostat
– HKS Super Power Flow Air Cleaner
– S13 SUPER MADE VIP Type Muffler
– Greddy Aluminum Radiator
– Greddy Oil Cooler

– R33 Electric Fan
ORC Single Disk Clutch
– Nismo Slave Cylinder
– R33 RB25DET Transmission
– Nismo GT Pro LSD

– R32 Type M Subframe Transplant (Calipers, Hubs, Rear Drum, everything)
– 326power Chakuriki Coilovers
– KTS Tie Rod End
– D-MAX D1 SPEC Tension Rod
– D-MAX D1 SPEC Tie Rod
– Rear Subframe raised 2cm, rigid processing
– HICAS Delete


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– Gauges (Full Set)
– One-off Steering Wheel
– Double Din Head Unit
– Monitors in Visors and Center Mounted
– Bubble Shift Knob
– Custom Cluster Lighting (Nice Detail!)

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– 18×9.5 +20 WORK Emotion CR-Kai
– Triangle TR968 215/35s
– S13 BN Sports TypeII Front Bumper
– R32 BN Sports TypeII Side Skirts
– R32 BN Sports Rear Bumper TYPE 2
– One-off LED Taillights
– One-Off Drag Wing
– Green 326Power Largesize Lugnuts
– Green Tint
– Obvious Graphics

More Photos:
transformation 0transformation 1transformation 2transformation 314890414_1719080261747123_3068179767497341511_o14560131_1714983715490111_8895445619251954465_o16716064_1786962334958915_4147174652573468394_o17218369_1805336539788161_2891249820741965442_o17039206_1798119013843247_6025444569058106691_o18192661_1835774110077737_4999929550701992991_o

Thank you Yusuke, as always, for running the sticker and for letting me write about your 4door S13.

Photos by: Yusuke Kotake


Author: Jonathan Rice

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