Daniel’s 1991 Mazda Miata

I’ve been friend’s with Daniel for quite some time now. He’s a generous, 25 year old, singl………….
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Low Style/2017 Summer Update

It’s a nice Monday today, warm and sunny. I haven’t updated the blog in a while which I’ve felt bad about. I will be re-releasing a couple of Executive Eleven color stickers that a lot of people have been wanting, especially the 3-layer as pictured below that’s on Yusuke’s 4 door S13. I am also working on a jumpsuit that will be called “Worldwide Spirit” that has team and shop names from Japan, U.S., and Canada.¬†Another thing I have in the works which should be done very soon are a couple of tshirt options. They will have two different designs that I will be showing once released! So I’m excited for that as well.¬† Continue reading “Low Style/2017 Summer Update”