Kobayashi’s Nissan Cima

In the aftermarket world, the Y32 is mainly used for a “VIP”, or similar, dressup/lowdown style platform. It can be Japan, United States, or Europe, and most people modify these to similar fashion. But some, like Kobayashi, do things the way they’ve dreamed with no short cuts. If there’s ever an argument in the VIP world, I think this is how it should be done. On that note, people tend to categorize certain cars too often without simply enjoying them.

Why do we like cars that are way too low and wheels so wide that you have to modify the body to fit them? It’s the excitement of the finished product, the style, and driving dangerously low to the ground; that alone feels like an accomplishment. Kobayashi has won awards for his Y32 and been featured in magazines and for the work he’s put into this car. The end result definitely deserves it! Sometimes “aero and wheels” do make a build.
Car Setup: 
With this write-up, I will be writing the detailed parts but also showing the stages of the body work and exterior modifications.
34483225_919577474909063_3368128033721417728_n34579339_919575368242607_7266858526213931008_n34559911_919575401575937_4477279999061131264_n– K-BREAK Full Aero
– K-BREAK Grill
– GSJ Coilovers
– T-DEMAND Suspension Arms
– Aimgain Muffler
– One Off Corner Lights
– Rear LED Tail Lights
– Front 18×11.5 -68 ~ Rear 18×12.5 -81
– 255/35 ~ 285/30 Tires
– Rim Depth 172mm (6.7in.)
– Rim Depth 197mm (7.8in.)
Camber Angle: Front -10 Rear -12

More Photos:
21430534_720405158159630_5599576788133847142_nPhotos By: Kobayashi ~ Thank you!


Author: Jonathan Rice

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