Mr. Yamada’s Isuzu Forward & Toyota Soarer

This will be a bit longer post as it will be covering two vehicles! I’ve always had a fascination with big trucks and learning about Dekotora style really made me enjoy Japanese car culture that much more. And from there, it grew into learning about other weird trucks they have that we never got. I drove ClassB trucks over-the-road for a while and got a feel for them and that was fairly enjoyable (other than being away for 4-5 weeks and not sleeping well). I actually found out about Mr. Yamada’s truck from a facebook video of him coming into StanceNation from this year. I’ve always wanted a tow truck and had the idea of lowering one and giving it Dekotora touches for a Executive Eleven tow service specializing in lowdown/race car weekend needs for people.

That being said, seeing his truck scrape into the entrance with that big headlight front bumper just looked SO cool! Seeing the graphics on the side and that Soarer in the back just made things even cooler for me! I was able to get in touch with him from Mie whom I wrote about here ( I figured she may have some insight on where to get in touch since she owns an old car from the same generation. Not only is his Isuzu awesome but his Soarer has got to be one of the most insane Z20s I’ve ever seen! He runs AISAN CAR FIERD CO, LTD which is nicely placed on the side of his truck. He sells new and used cars with a concentration on tuning, dressing up, audio, repair, sheet metal, and others! …So he does a bit of everything!

Cars Setup:
Isuzu Forward
truck 2
This picture here is entering StanceNation and he told me he had it lowered a lot; it was about 2.5 inches off the ground. With the air suspension setup, it can go as low as 1cm from the ground! The truck itself is a 2005 Isuzu Forward. The motor is the standard 7800cc 6HK1 and all the mods are exterior/suspension/aesthetics.
truck 9
truck 5
It has a standard lowering leaf spring front suspension and air ride rear suspension. It’s a “double-decker” hydraulic lifted carrier truck. As you can see from these pictures the front end is different. That’s because he has replaced the original Forward front end with an Isuzu GIGA front bumper, custom side valences/side skirts, standard 17.5″ wheels to a 19.5″ Alcoa made Aluminum wheel setup, and Mercedes tail lights!

Toyota Soarer:
soarer engine
AT->5MT Conversion
TD06 Turbos
OSGiken Clutch
HKS 272/272 Cams
Aluminum Intake Manifold

soarer 10
Coilovers (8kg/6kg)
Full Aftermarket Arms

interior 1interior 2
– Recaro C Seats
– HKS Camp2 (Pictures in “More Photos” section)
– GREDDY Gauges (60mm ~ Temp./Fuel Pressure/Oil Pressure/Oil Temp./Turbo)
– Nardi Steering Wheel

soarer 3exterior soarer
– OEM Bodywork
– Aftermarket Hood
– Wheels – Panasport C5C2s – Front: 18×9 +14 ~ Rear: 18×10 +5
– Tires – Front: Federal 595 215/40 ~ Rear: Federal 595RS-R 245/35
– Hi/Lo HID Headlights

More Pictures:
extra 1extra 2extra 3interior 5interior 6interior 7interior 8truck 1truck 4
Thank you very much to Mr. Yamada for letting me write about his Soarer and Isuzu to show to the world. They are both beautiful works of art!
Photos By:
– Hirohiko Yamada & Friends
– LowStyle.Japan – Youtube (


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