Sho’s C35 Laurel

I really should be home relaxing after work or even looking up parts or helping customers but I only have ten minutes until the libarary closes. I still don’t have internet at my house and I can’t stop thinking about this article and/or Sho’s awesome looking, yet so subtle, C35 Laurel and talking about it! …

So that paragraph there was written last night (lol). I’ve been in the process of writing this blog for about a week now! Let’s get on with it already! I have always loved Japanese sedans. I like how Japanese companies took luxury cars and gave them real sport features like manual transmissions and “sport car” counterpart motors. It seems like such cars have been growing in popularity in the states over the years which is good! They aren’t as popular to modify as the JZX chassis which makes them a bit unique; that is talking about Japan, not including other countires as well. With the C33 Laurel being federally legal to import into the U.S., and the C34 becoming legal in 2018, I think the Laurel chassis will continue to be a popular import for the states as well.

Sho is friends with Yukito. You’ll see Yukito’s S13 in some of the pictures below. I wrote about his S13 here ( and that’s how I met Sho, online. One thing I have always liked about Japan is their style of drifting. It seems to not be about huge power numbers unlike America being the opposite. The style is all about tons of torque and every steering mod you can think of. Of course I like that and it makes for a great show! But the feel of having to “work with what you got” and making a moderate/reliable setup just seems more challenging. From the spec list, Sho doesn’t have much done motor wise and you don’t really need it…

Car Setup:
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
– OEM Turbo
– HKS Filter

TEIN Coilovers (20k/18k)

Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
“Full” Gauge Setup
Spin-Turn EBrake Knob

5Zigen RS-1s: Front – 10j +12 w/ 10mm spacer) ~ Rear – 10j +12 w/ 25mm spacer
JZX100 Cresta Front Lip
Genuine NISSAN Side Skirts
Genuine NISSAN Rear Bumper
One-Off Muffler

More Photos:
Follow Sho on instagram @shochara124
Photos By: Sho, Slide Factory, RamuneM, NewJack:PG


Author: Jonathan Rice

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