Shun’s S184 CROWN

Damn, damn….damn (eyes wide) – I love all CROWNs but especially the S18x chassis. Toyota just did it right with this car. Everything from the front grill to the rear trunk to each line. This is one car I really wish the U.S. had received as it’s pretty much perfect. And Shun makes it even better, as we’ll read below.
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Yuya’s Nissan Sunny

Yuya really enjoys old cars and runs the Instagram page #illuminate_sunny and Facebook page “Illuminate Sunny”. So if you enjoy old cars, then check those out! I’ll post some of his photos in the “More Photos” section. And that is how I became friends with him. I followed illuminate_sunny and needed some photos for something and through the grapevine, I found him and his car is definitely something cool and pretty unique! I don’t see too many Sunny’s modified like so. It’s a 2004 B15 and is fairly stock other than the aesthetics. It definitely makes for an awesome daily driver!
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Shigemitsu Tanimura’s 180sx

We all get our inspiration for a certain chassis from something within. Whether it’s a past-time from an automotive family or friend, maybe from a movie or “hero” you have. We all have some sort of back story and that is always what I love to find out and read about! Shige first starting liking the 180sx chassis in high school when he saw Nomura-Ken’s 180sx; He purchased this specific car on April 2nd 2010. He thought, “Cool!” and since then he has morphed his own style and variation into what you will be reading about today! Very specific time line, I like that!
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Keigo’s Toyota Crown


Keigo’s Toyota Crown is the JZS155 chassis. They seem to be modified here and there but not as seen as often as say the S170. I have always liked this body style because it reminds me of a W124 Mercedes with the front and hood lines! Keigo picked the JZS155 because they are hardly ever modified. He told me because they’re bad. Well I think his is really good!

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Kazuomi’s Lexus IS-F

Kazuomi’s IS-F is definitely a one of a kind. Of course, we will get into detail of the car down below at the “Car Setup”. He is the manager of Style Cockpit Feel. Cockpit is a chain of automotive stores in Japan. They have a lot of different branches that seem to specialize in slightly different things; each Cockpit store has a different suffix. I first got a really good read of Cockpit when I read the online StanceNation article ( that reviewed “Cockpit 910” and the cars there. That, of course, is a different store than where Kazuomi works as again he manages ( the “Feel” store.
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