Alex’s 1996 Nissan 240sx

I got to head out to “100 Drifters of December” (DriftNirvana) end of the year event last weekend on December 4th 2016. It was an amazing event! Tons of cars as well as drivers and Summit Point Raceway had all 3-4 tracks opened at one time. Everywhere you looked there was drifting. On top of that, there were a lot of awesome cars there as well, including a lot of Japanese cars (C33s, JZX90, and even a JZX100). Shout of to Phil for inviting me to tag along! (instagram @philavor)

Through out my 12-13 years in the drifting world I haven’t kept up with American drifting as much as I should. I’ve sort of gravitated towards Japanese street and grassroots. My point: This was my first time seeing/hearing about the “CornDrift” S14. Alex is a cool guy; you can just walk up to him and he’ll go with the flow of the conversation even if you’re not “apart of the group”.

The car has 60-something-thousand original miles which is cool and I liked the style he had gone with. It started as a bone stock car that he swapped everything over from another S14 chassis. Over the years the car has had a KA, KA-T, and of course the current 1JZ setup. He’s owned this car for years now. He said it was a piece of crap but I like cars with “battle scars” and history. Definitely not crap!

This was his 2nd event of the year but it didn’t seem like it with the smooth transitions and the great lines he was taking as if he drives the track all the time. I thought we were going to run off going through “turn 2”, or the carousel, of the layout for the weekend. But he drifted out to the very outer edge of the track and whipped it back into the apex following the course all the way through without having any trans. issues the run I was on (as he was having a 3rd gear issue through out the weekend).

Car Setup:
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
– HOLSET Turbo
– 850cc Siemens Injectors
– Koyorad Radiator
– Front Mount Intercooler
420-ish HP

(I would have asked to take a wheel off but it was cold outside and didn’t want to bother)
– Abercrombie Relocated Steering Rack
– FortuneAuto-500 Coilovers (8kg/6kg)
– Extended Lower Control Arms
– NoName Control Arms
– Maverick Tension Rods
– PoweredbyMax Steering Knuckles
– PoweredbyMax Inner Tie Rods

20161204_143223  – Corbeau Forza Sport Seats
– Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
– Full Gauge Set (Boost, Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Air Fuel, Master Switch Unit) – He even had a Retard Button which was cool
– GarageMoonPower Floor Mats
– BRIDE Shift Boot was a nice touch


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– Work Equips: Front – 18×9.5 -5 ~ Rear – 18×11 +16 (Plus a few spares/COSMIS Racing/MB Battles)
– DMAX Type3 Style Full Kit
– DMAX Front Canards
– DMAX Roof Spoiler
– DMAX Spoiler
– YOSHIMURA Emblem welded to the muffler. I really liked that!

In-Car Run:

Check out and follow CornDrift:


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