Toru’s Nissan Laurel

Toru told me it was fate for him to drive a C34


He used to daily drive this car but the police in his town but they didn’t like the car so he would get pulled over a lot so he quit that. Moreover, he drove the car to the track and back home for 3 years until the motor ended up blowing up. So now, he uses the car strictly for circuit driving/drifting. He told me that the police in his town pulled him over a lot so it’s not so much fun driving it on the road so he strictly drives on tracks now (lol). He normally drives Nikko Ciruit and Sports Land Yamanashi which is pictured below of him drifting. He has always liked the styling of old-school  Japanese cars and that is why he went with the styling cues in the current state of the car. The C34 Laurel can pull off a lot of looks and styles! With the Shakotan route, it definitely has an old car look, to an extent, with of course the 20th century EFI and updated interior that makes a good layout for drifting. So I assume that is why he went with it. The C34 Laurel really takes the old school styling well!

Car Setup:
– R33 Standard Turbo
Boost Up to 0.9kg/c㎡ (12.8PSI)
– TOMEI  metal headgasket
– Front Mount Intercooler
– Breather Tank
– “Air Horns”

– Aragosta Coilovers with Swift Springs (Front 14kg / Rear 12kg)
– NISMO Front Lower Control Arm
– D-MAX Upper Control Arms
– IKEYA Tie Rods
– 3UP Steering Knuckles

– Momo INDY Wood Steering Wheel
– BRIDE Driver Seat
– “Suichuuka” Flower Shift Knob
– Spin-Turn EBrake Knob

– SSR MK2: Front (15×8 -12) ~ Rear (15×9 ±0)
– Over Fenders: Front – No Brand (5cm) ~ Rear – N~Style Customs (6cm)
GC10 Skyline Style Front Chin-Spoiler
– GC10 Skyline Style Rear Spoiler

More Photos:
Drifting at Sports Land Yamanashi

1917092_745877665555893_9213537587054379713_nBack when it was white and no over fenders.


Follow Toru on Instagram @torutakase
Photos By: Toru Takase


Author: Jonathan Rice

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