Nissan 180sx – 2000s Style

I’m calling this one the “Koguchi Replica”…

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RB25DET Updates

New brakes and timing kit, HKS parts, as well as I’m in the process of getting an Apexi PowerFC for the Nissan Laurel that I have for sale. I wanted to make an update post about the car because it’s been a while since the last post.

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Mr. Yamada’s Isuzu Forward & Toyota Soarer

This will be a bit longer post as it will be covering two vehicles! I’ve always had a fascination with big trucks and learning about Dekotora style really made me enjoy Japanese car culture that much more. And from there, it grew into learning about other weird trucks they have that we never got. I drove ClassB trucks over-the-road for a while and got a feel for them and that was fairly enjoyable (other than being away for 4-5 weeks and not sleeping well). I actually found out about Mr. Yamada’s truck from a facebook video of him coming into StanceNation from this year. I’ve always wanted a tow truck and had the idea of lowering one and giving it Dekotora touches for a Executive Eleven tow service specializing in lowdown/race car weekend needs for people. Continue reading “Mr. Yamada’s Isuzu Forward & Toyota Soarer”