Nissan 180sx – 2000s Style

I’m calling this one the “Koguchi Replica”…

Anymore Japanese styling and the gauges would be falling out of their pods…

Thomas runs Garage ABSTRACT where he works on his cars, and others, from his shop. He has some custom parts which I definitely plan to get with my next SChassis. He really likes early 2000s style and, from the looks of it, Tohoku Style. Thomas focuses on SR engines and his favorite car being the 180sx. But his brother has an S13 Silvia and they have an R32, a C33 Laurel, and others sitting around the shop, including his other white 180sx

He purchased the black car in 2019 while it was in Japan as a much different looking car; it needed attention. [Honestly, this car should be a Super Street feature but it’s here instead.] Since he knows these cars from top to bottom, that wasn’t an issue. After importing it, he has pretty much stripped this car down to nothing and put it back together with a mouth-full of amazing aftermarket and OEM parts. Like, when you read the parts list, it’s almost mind blowing. The way he has this car setup, it’s like stepping back to the mid 2000s again! A lot of these parts are hard to find today, even in Japan! He’s a down to Earth guy so it makes the final product of this car even cooler. He has another white 180sx that he’s owned since about 2017 that is “the show car” of these 2 and maybe I can write about that one in the future..The want to drive this car is too real after riding shotgun! The sound, the high end torque curve, how solid the car feels just riding along, ugh…
(Video from Drift Event is in the More Photos section at the bottom)

Car Setup:

1992 Nissan 180SX
-Redtop SR20DET
-Apexi PowerFC ECU
-Trust TD06 20G 8cm
-Trust Mid Mount Manifold
-HKS Cams (264intake/272exhaust)
-HKS Cam Gears
-HKS Valve Springs
-Tomei Titanium Retainers
-Apexi Head Gasket
-Greddy Profec-B Boost Controller
-Kazama Auto Engine Mounts
-Nismo Transmission Mount
-One-Off Piping
-Custom Braided Lines
-Kazama Auto Catch Can
-Tial MVR 44mm Wastegate
-Sard Type R Fuel Pressure Regulator
-Sard 800cc Injectors
-Sard Top Feed Fuel Rail
-Z32 MAF
-HKS Super Filter
-HPI Couplers
-Greddy Front Mount Intercooler
-Greddy Oil Cooler
-Greddy GREX Remote Oil Filter
-Tomei Oil Plate
-Greddy Lightweight Pulleys
-Greddy Oil Pan
-S14 Koyo Radiator
-Billion Power Steering Tank
-KTS Coolant Reservoir
-Nismo Thermostat
-Greddy Breather Tank
-Billion Radiator Cap
-Samco Lower Radiator Hose
-Blitz Upper Radiator Hose
-Cusco 2-Way LSD
-Kakimoto Exhaust
-Sard Oil Cap

-GP Sport G-Master Coilovers (Front8k ~ Rear6k)
-Ikeya Formula FLCAs
-Ikeya Formula Tension Rods
-Ikeya Formula Outer Tie Rods
-Ikeya Formula Inner Tie Rods
-Ikeya Formula RLCA’s
-Ikeya Formula RUCAs
-Ikeya Formula Rear Toe Arms
-Ikeya Formula Rear Traction Arms
-Ikeya Formula Rear Knuckle Pillow Bushings
-Garage ABSTRACT Shortened Front Knuckles
-Garage ABSTRACT Reinforced Rear Knuckles
-Garage ABSTRACT Reinforced Rear Subframe
-Garage ABSTRACT Rack Relocation Subframe
-KTS Solid Subframe Bushings
-Nismo Power Brace
-Strengthened Chassis
-Ported Steering Rack
-Poly Steering Rack Bushings
-Attain 5 Lug Conversion
-Z32 Front Brakes
-Slotted Rotors
-Endless Front Brake Pads
-ProjectMU Rear Brake Pads
-Cusco Front Strut Brace
-Next Miracle Cross Bar 32mm

-Sexy Style Cluster
-GREDDY Gauges (Boost, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Exhaust Temp, A/F, Fuel Pressure)
-Pivot Shift Knob
-Pivot Shift Light
-D.Speed horn button
-Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
-Daikei Boss Hub
-Seiwa Cup Holders
-Bride Brix 1.5 Driver Seat
-Bride Brix 1.5 Passenger Seat
-Bride type MO seat rails
-Broadway Mirror
-Bride Upholstered Glove Box
-Bride Upholstered Door Panels
-Nissan Terrano Chrome Door Handles
-Cusco Safety21 Seven Point Cage
-Do Luck Floor Brace
-Sabelt TRW Harness
– Metallic/Flake Purple Covered Window Switches

– BLITZ Technospeed Z2s (17×8.5 / 18×9.5)
– Nismo LMGT4 (Pair) 18×9.5
-OEM Kouki Front Bumper
-Type X Front Lip
-OEM Kouki Side Skirts
-OEM Kouki Rear Valance
-OEM Kouki Tail Lights
-OEM Kouki Wing
-RPS13 Kevlar Center Garnish
-Garage Seigo Hood
-DMAX Clear Side Markers
-Hurricane/CBR Mirrors
-Bomex Chrome Horns
-Raybrig Blue Headlamp Assemblies
-Antenna Shaved
-Rear Wiper Shaved

More Photos/Drift VIDEO:

Photos By: Jonathan Rice (


Author: Jonathan Rice

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