Mie & Yukio’s 1986 Nissan Leopard

The Nissan Leopard, F31-chassis code, was offered as the Infiniti M30 in the United States. The M30 was only offered in the kouki format which has a more rounded headlight and different tail light configuration. Other than that, the zenki and the kouki exteriors are the same for the most part. For interiors, the Infiniti M30 got the R31 interior which I always thought was neat. But the Nissan Leopard received it’s own variant of interiors differing with the zenki and the kouki. I owned a 1991 Infiniti M30 for a short while and this exact car was my complete inspiration! So I’m very happy to write about this.

Here, we will be reading about Mie & Yukio Ueda’s Nissan Leopard. The car came originally equipped with a VG20 motor which was swapped out for something with a little more “pep”. They have kept this car in pristine condition inside and out. Every little touch in the interior to the paint is practically immaculate! Most of you have probably seen one to two pictures of this car scattered through out the internet. Maybe you have Mei as a friend on  some form of social media. I have always wondered what exactly has been done to this car and will finally be able to read about it in summarized-detail below!

Car Setup:
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
– RB25DE
– RB26DET Intake/ITB Setup
– Fujitsubo Exhaust Manifold
– Custom one-off Muffler
– HKS V-Con Pro ECU

– “Full Tap” Coilovers ~ (150mm length springs: 26kg/24kg spring rates)

– 3 Spoke MOMO Steering Wheel with Horn Button
– Aftermarket RPM Gauge
– An overall “period correct” look

– Longchamp XR-4s
Front: 15×8 -14
Rear: 15×9 -27
– OEM Front Lip
– Mesh Type Front Grill
– Z31 Side Mirrors
– “Diamond Silver” Body Color

More Pictures:

Follow Mie on Instagram @mie.ymmk

Photo Credit:
Mie/Yukio Ueda
Focus Geek (Facebook “Focus Geek”)
Oh! Ei Sunny (Instagram @illuminate_sunny – Facebook “Illuminate Sunny)
Yama-Channel (Instagram @yama_channel –  Facebook “Yama-channel”)




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