I’ve always liked the looks of the FC3S RX7. And on top of that, the powerband of a rotary is so enticing and exciting. The way they rev and how boost hits. The cars feel fairly lightweight and don’t really have a under steer feeling as much as other cars from the era. Even the interiors of the cars feel really nice and sturdy for the time. And who can’t be mesmerized by the redline buzzing…My friend let me drive his Turbo-II once and since then, I’ve been hooked; even if his didn’t have 3rd gear…

Wataru lives in the Ibaraki Prefecture of Kanto. I sent him an Executive Eleven sticker recently because ever since I saw his FC3S, I was in love. And, he’s a cool guy! I have always liked the OEM look of cars with an aftermarket spin. You just can’t ever mess that up really…Also, the team he is apart of, PRETTY ZONE, I have always liked how that sounds and the graphic along with it. It just ties in with the whole look. Onto the car itself, he has kept it fairly standard motor wise. But you really don’t need to do anything to these other than suspension setup for them to drive how you want them too! He drifts the car on mountain roads as well as track events at places like Tsukuba Circuit! Also, he has a good bit of very hard-to-come by parts! Throwing around things like “RMagic” makes rotary people “gasp”. I will be sharing the “current stage” of his car.

The motor is actually blown right now. I guess he will just have to stick with his R32 for now… (pictured below).
But yes, we’re here for his nicely done FC! I will see if he minds me writing about his R32 soon if you would like to hear about.

Car Setup:
Engine Bay/Drive Train:
– Standard Motor/Turbo
– Standard Drive Train
– BuddyClub Exhaust

– KTS Suspension

CST Zero 1 Hyper Wheels17×9.5 +15
– SSR Vienna Wheels – 17×9 +11
– LiveSport Front Lip Spoiler
– Unknown Brand Side Skirts
– RMagic Rear Bumper”Lip Kit”
– RMagic Rear Diffuser
– RMagic BETA2 Rear Spoiler
– RE-Amemiya Side Mirrors
– S4 & S5 Tail Lights (Currently running S4 tail lights)

More Pictures:
14445324_656784671163472_344805894_n14469385_656784674496805_1264626206_n14459071_656784664496806_2008393559_nThank you for reading!

Photo Credit: Wataru Kumagai



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