ExciteGP Round 1

ExciteGP has a very relaxed atmosphere. You don’t even need  a wrist band to enter/exit, being a spectator. I really liked how easy it was for everyone to drive the track. For each group, it’s open circuit style where you can drive until the checker flag is raised. I really like that as you don’t have to worry about doing a lap or two and then have to wait back in line again.
I didn’t get enough video or talk to enough people while I was there; I was so busy watching and walking about but will make sure to hang out and get some ride alongs for some in car footage next time! This guy, including everyone else, was ripping it! I really liked watching this miata. Goes to show that this is a really casual event!

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I really liked this vert! Nice SR20 setup and full cage while having a nice line during his runs! (https://www.facebook.com/TigerRacingATL/) I didn’t a chance to meet this guy as he was busy the entire time but I really liked the HKS T04Z sticking out! Everything can be covered with more info and scheduling at the very bottom of this post. When I get my next car this year I plan to hit up all of these events!

More Photos:
^ Wheels I brought in for Ryan ~ SSR Koenigs
Mechanic Brad

Full 2018 Info/Schedule:


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