Updates for 2018

Wow, it’s already 3 months into 2018 and no updates!
First update is that I have these awesome multi-layer stickers including some other basic blog stickers. Click the “Contact” tab above if you’d like to order! I was thinking about changing the name to “Materialistic” but I don’t know just yet…

I plan on going to the event on March 18th for iTrack Motorsports so I’ll make a post about that. Not only that but it’s been over a year since I’ve had this blog and I’m glad and fortunate to have been able to write about so many cool cars and be able to meet a lot of new friends with it! Crazy how time flies by..

I do plan to go to events in 2018 as I was very busy in 2017! I’ve been going back and forth with what my next business venture will be. I’ve thought about real estate in multiple different avenues, etc. etc., but I will be going back on my first dream and idea for a business spanning back over a decade and that is importing cars. I will start importing within the next month and I will be posting each car for sale on the blog including a specific section for the cars that are being sold.

I have a lot of ideas for cars and want to offer more value than other importers. I also plan to import Ryosuke’s S13 (https://exec-11.us/2017/02/21/2304/) for myself when it becomes 25 years old in September. He does not even have the car for sale and is waiting for it to be legal for me to buy it so I’m very grateful for that! It’s a great car and I plan to bring it to events and drift it as soon as it arrives! I also hope to bring in other cars that are different and special similar to Ryosuke’s car.

I’ll see you soon!


Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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