Kazuki’s JZX100 Chaser

A quick write-up. I have always really enjoyed his JZX100. The ride height and wheel fitment is perfect! This fitment is something not seen too often in the U.S. Here, it seems to be either the following: tires are too stretch/not stretched enough, ride height/rake is off, or wheels are too sunk in or way too far out. To me, Kazuki did it right…

He’s owned this car for a few years now and his team is “No Mark”. He used to have TE37s but has since changed over to SSR SP3s. I really like the SP3 wheels with the Chaser body style and lines! Let’s go to the quick Car Setup:

– Engine ~ 1JZ (modifications ???)
– ORC Clutch

– CST Coilovers (60k/22k spring rates)
– Aftermarket Upper Arms
– Modified Knuckles
– ???

You’ll die if you sit in the back..lol
– One-Off Weld-in Roll Cage
– BRIDE Zeta 3 Seats
– Nardi Classic Steering Wheel
– Gauges
– One-Off Shift Knob

– SSR SP3s – Front: 17x9.5 -12 ~ Rear: 17×9.5 -15
– OEM Kouki Front Bumper
– OEM Front Lip
– OEM Rear Lip
– Unknown Side Skirts

More Photos:


Photos By:
中村 かずき
SEY*H photography



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