Yasuhiko’s Nissan Silvia

I’ve been meaning to write this article for over a week. Please forgive me! lol

Celebration! Hurray! That’s not only the word I think of something joyful but now a drift team. Yasuhiko is a member of Celebration, a drift team. I found him from his youtube channel yasu14celebration.

His drifting is very smooth and concise. I also noticed that his control is really amazing! Check out the youtube channel and you can see what I’m talking about. Since then, I have discussed about the drift team as well as the cars running. And today, we will be talking about his S14 in particular. The S14 is one of my favorite Nissans while being paired with the SR20 it makes for a really great car! So let’s get on with the car setup and see what’s going on with it! ~ I’ll include photos of the drift team in the More Photos area. Continue reading “Yasuhiko’s Nissan Silvia”