’95 Nissan Laurel For Sale

I still have the car for sale. It drives SUPER smooth, perfect in every way! This car is just awesome!…
This is a car is for sale and in my possession, of course. It is a federally legal import with title, tag, and insurance. You can check out the mod list, photos, and video below. This has to be the most unique car I’ve ever seen. Not only is it a C34 but it has a very rare body kit and fantastic mods to boot. Every time I get in it and drive, which has only been a hand full of times as I am selling it, I feel like I’ve stepped back to 2005 and hitting the mountains! It makes an absolute beast of a car for simple tasks like grocery getting or hardcore stuff like weekend drifting at events! It’s fully setup and ready to go!

(Picture heavy post at bottom of page)

– 101,6xx kilometers (63,1xx miles)
~ Mods:

-HKS GT2535 Turbo
-Nismo Injectors
-Tomei Fuel Pump
-Z32 MAF
-AIRDRESS Full Aero (F/R Bumpers/Side Skirts/Door Panels)
-Metal Headgasket
– Oil Cooler
– Power Steering Cooler
– BILLION Power Steering Tank
– Front Mount Intercooler
-ORC Twin Plate Clutch
-Subframe Bushings
-NISMO 2-way LSD
-Reinhardt Muffler
-D-MAX Coilovers (Newly installed when in Japan)
-Ikeya Formula Tie Rods
-Yanack Tie Rod Ends
-Yanack Upper Arms
-Ya-nack Toe Rods
-Yanack Traction Rods
-M-Spec R32 (Z32 4pot/2pot) Brakes
-DEFI Gauges (turbo/oil temp/water temp/oil pressure)
-Bride BRIX 1.5
-NISMO old logo Shift Knob
-Deep Corn D1Spec Steering Wheel
-Alpha 31xx Radar Detector
-Double Din headunit
-6 CD changer (in trunk)
-Enkei Wheels (17×9.5 +38 ~ 17×8.5 +38) You can fit some low offset wheels on this car if you ever want to change them

Things I’ve Replaced:
– 10w-40 oil & K&N filter change August 18th 2020
(oil was last changed in May 2020 with 10w-50 while in Japan)
– Tires (Brand new 235/45s installed last week)
– New Lugnuts
– Some New fuses

Things I Recommend Changing:
– Brake Pads and Discs resurfaced
– Getting a proper tune now that’s it’s in the states & depending on where you live
– Possibly Belts if you’re meticulous on little things (PITWORK brand – They look fine and are tight but do get some squeal on start up as I showed in video)
~I can change all these parts including having it tuned but the price would go up according to what I spend.
*Update 8/24/2020: I will be replacing belts and brake pads&discs within the next 2 weeks if I still own it

Overall, this car is amazing – Very low miles, runs well, and looks great! I will have another video uploaded later today when it cools down outside, driving it. Of course this car is Federally legal, properly imported, with SC title/tag/insurance just like any other car you’d buy. I personally picked this car up from the port just a couple weeks ago.

I also have an orange 180sx that will be shipping out fairly soon.

You can message me on Facebook, email me, or call me if you’re interested or want to buy it. Financing is available and we can arrange shipping to you if you don’t live near me (South Carolina)

Email: naeimports@gmail.com
Phone: 864-729-2609‬ (call or text me any time)

Full Walk Around Video Here:

If you have any questions about the car, want to view it, or want to purchase it, please contact me at any time.

Email: naeimports@gmail.com
Phone: 864-729-2609‬ (call or text me any time)

Pictures By: Jonathan Rice


Author: Jonathan Rice

Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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