Monna’s Mitsubishi Minica

You probably know Monna from his R32 skyline and Team Abo~Moon.
One reason I like Japanese automotive culture is because some are into more than just one style of car type or sport. I’ve always enjoyed the weird kei-cars and others that we never received. And turning them into race cars is that much cooler! Monna is big into drifting his R32 but you may not know that he is also into his kei-car racing and racing class just as much!

The Mitsubishi Minica is a kei-car that is equipped with the 3G83. It is a SOHC 3 cylinder motor weighing in around 1,600lbs. Of course that is the from factory specs (thanks wikipedia) if you were to buy one from a car dealer. Monna’s is fairly modified and completely stripped down for racing. He races, mainly, in the GP3 class but also the KTO class for sprint and endurance races. Below in the pictures, it shows him racing at both Fuji Speedway and Spa Nishiura Motor Park. His car is apart of Team Abareuma Project. The Minica seems to be a good car, or maybe his driving skill is high…looks like he’s winning races!!

– Engine is fairly stock
– One-Off Metal Headgasket
– Stronger Internal Gears
~ All for durability for the 2017 season

– Aftermarket Steering Wheel
– BRIDE Fixed Back Seat
– Full Gauge Set
– Window Net
– Complete Stripped Interior
– Duct for Air
– Fire Extinguisher

– Volk TE37s
– Front Canards
– Rear Lip Spoiler

More Photos:
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Photos By: TokyoNür, Monna Nobuya and Friends


Author: Jonathan Rice

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