Yoo’s Mazda RX7

It seems I’ve been posting a lot of RX7 material lately. They are just really cool cars that have fun yet aggressive styling cues. I’ll actually be posting another really nice customer FC3S tomorrow most likely. Anyways, onto this beautiful beast.

Yoo has owned this particular FC3S since 2010. He drifts this car at home and away circuits around Japan. He has a lot of quality parts that blend extremely well together. I’m still gathering specific information about it and might be updating this in the future. I first found this car from his youtube channel (4suke4suke) back in 2010 and I am lucky enough to be featuring this car, now, years later! I’m actually really excited! It has changed a tad over the years but nothing too different. Some small exterior/interior changes but that’s about it.

I know I haven’t said too much back story or gone too far into detail but I’m just going to let the pictures/information below do the talking…

Car Setup:

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-Engine Bay:
FC3S 13B
– 8.5 comperssion ratio
– Side Housing : Reaction Racing Extended Port
– Apex Seals : Iannetti Ceramic Apex Seals : 2mm/2 pieces
Turbonetics GT-K 550
Reaction Racing Intake Piping One-Off (90φ)
– Reaction Racing  Exhaust Manifold One-Off (60φ)
– Reaction Racing Exhaust One Off (90φ)
– Reaction Racing WasteGate piping One Off
Reaction Racing VMount Radiator One-Off
– HKS GT2 WasteGate

– Ron Davis Radiator
– HPI Oil Cooler
BLITZ TypeE Oil Cooler
HPI Mega Max Air Filter

– FD3S Ignition Coil
– AP PowerFC ECU
Mallory HYFIRE 6A DC Ignition

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– 6-speed HKS Sequential Transmission
– ORC Metal Series 559 Clutch
CUSCO Type RS 2-way LSD
– Reaction Racing rebuilt CV Axles


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Coilovers: HKS HIPERMAX-D Coilovers (8k/7k)
– Raised Subframe
– WILWOOD Proportioning Valve
– ARC Sway Bars
KSP Camber Links
Satoru Works “Kirekaku-Up” Knuckles
– Super NOW Engineering Hubs
– FD3S Front and Rear Brake Discs/Calipers
– OEM Mazda Sentia Brake Master Cylinder
– Projectμ Brake Pads (Type HCs Front/D1 Spec Rear)
– Polyurethane Bushings
– 15mm Front and Rear Hub Centric Spacers

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– Nardi Deep Corn
– BRIDE Reclinable Seats
– APEXi Power Commander
– GREDDY Profec-B
– Nagai Denshi Shift Indicator
– DEFI Gauges (Exhaust/Oil/Water Temp)
– GREDDY Boost Gauge

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– Rays TE37 SL 2012 Limited ~ Front: 18×9.5 +22 / Rear: 18×10.5 +22
– RE Amemiya/Foresight T1 Hybrid Front Bumper
– R-Magic Rear Bumper
– D-MAX D1 Spec Hood
– BNSport Front Fenders
– R-Magic Side Skirt
– Foresight Rear Fender with R35 quarters
– QestJapan one-off LED Tail Lights

Photos By: Yoo Kosuke




Author: Jonathan Rice

Specializing in the Full Specification List of Cars! Circuit Racing and Drifting lover - I write about the full specifications of cars. I enjoy learning about all different types of vehicles!

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