“Sponsored Car” Myke Adam’s AE86

Taking a bone stock SR5 and….

I’ll give some back story first. Funny enough, I only know Myke through social media. He purchased Recaro SR-confetti seats from me a while ago and ever since he has been representing my name where ever he goes, even handing out business cards. For someone to do that, on their own, is really awesome and I always appreciate things like that! For Myke being so cool and having such a beautiful car, I told myself I’ve got to give back to this dude in what little ways I can. Onto the story…

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Myke purchased this 1986 Corolla SR5 2 years ago from a room mate who owned it for 3 years prior.
His initial intentions were nothing other than building something for himself; Something he could cruise in, drift on weekends, as well as  daily drive. (His own words). What you’re about to feast your eyes on is what I feel like most people think of when they want to take a rolling shell, or completely stock car, and turn it into their dream. The pictures above are from when he first purchased it. From the start, he was ripping things out and turning it into that dream. ~ Let’s get onto the build below!

Car Setup:

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Engine Bay/Drive Train:
Silvertop 20v 4AGE
– T3 ITB Trumpets
– T3 Water Pump Pulley
– T3 Alternator Pulley
– T3 Intermediate Shaft
– G7 Exhaust (1 of 1)
– G7 Custom Round Fuel Cell (1 of 1)
– Walbro 255 External Fuel Pump
– Tomei Poncam Intake Cam ~ 264
– Tomei Poncam Exhaust Cam ~ 256
– HKS Exhaust Gear
– HKS Timing Belt
– Buddy Club Spec-ll Exhaust
– Sam-Q Water Relocator
– Sam-Q Distributer Block Off Plate
– Toyota Denso Coilpacks
– Sam-Q Coilpack Plate
– Mishimoto Oil Cooler
– Mishimoto Oil Cooler Sandwich Plate
– Mishimoto Radiator
– Mishimoto Dual Electric Fans
– Mishimoto Overflow Can
– Greddy Oil Filter
– Fuelab Fuel Pressure Regulator
– WILWOOD Brake/Clutch Pedal Setup – Mounted Under Dash
– WILWOOD Clutch Reservoir
– WILWOOD Brake Reservoir
– Carbing Tri-Brace
– Tweakd Performance Wiring Harness
– Haltech 500 Sprint ECU
– All Hardlines Deleted and Tucked
Takes a few breaths…
– T-50 Transmission
– GTS Bellhousing
– G7 Transmission Bracket (1 of 1)

– CXRacing coilovers /w Spindles
– T3 Lower Control Arms
– Megan Tie Rods


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– R-Spec Carbon Fiber Dash
– TOM’S PERSONAL Steering Wheel
– NRG Steering Wheel Hub
– Prosport LED Gauges
– Aem A/F Gauge
– Custom morosso switch panel
– EIGHTSIX NIGHTS 86 Shiftknob
– RRECARO SR3 LeMans Confetti Seats
– T3 Bottom Mount Seat Brackets
– New Black Carpet
– New back seats and bench
– 5 panel rear mirror

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– WORK Equip 01s –  14×8 -13 Squared
– Federal 595 Tires – 185-55/R14
– Purple “Tuner” LugNuts
– Genuine URAS Full Aero Kit
– JDM smoked Corners
– JDM Kouki Turn Signal Covers
– JDM Kouki Redline Taillights w/ LED halogen Units
– JDM Kouki CF Rear Trunk Garnish

Follow Myke on Instagram @clevercorolla

Photo Credit: Myke Adams
Terry Lin – Instagram @pt.terry
Chanel Sarmiento – Instagram @chanelkys
SuperWowFactory – http://www.superwowfactory.com & @superwowfactory


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