“Sponsored Car” Marcus’ AE86

Ever wonder what a 400,000 mile AE86 looks like?

Marcus traded his fox body Mustang for his Corolla back in 2005 just creeping 200,000 miles. It was completely bone stock at the time, slowly building it to what it is now on a college-student budget. He completely built it himself on the streets of Portland. Until he found his local track, (PARC), he practiced driving and building his skill on the streets and mountain roads in his area. His idea from the beginning was to make it a nice street-able car but you know that’s never the case. Though he has a daily MX73 Cressida he normally drives the Corolla, rain or shine, due to it getting better gas mileage.

I met Marcus at FinalBout West 2016 and was able to see him drive/ride along. He was having fun and talking to whomever came up. He would come into the pit area and check things out after drifting the track. During the day, he ramped a rumble strip and bruised the oil pan. Considering he drove the car to the track, he had to make sure things were good to get home. It just seemed like true Japanese street style.

A guy – driving his car – thrashing – having fun – That is what it’s all about. Not caring or thinking about anything except driving and having fun. May I say, the car has a cool story behind it that makes it all the better. 400,000 miles and counting…

Car Setup:

Engine Bay/Drive Train:
20v 4AGE
– 100mm stacks and 50mm Sam-Q stacks with Pipercross filter
– T3 Water Kit
– Supra W58 fitted by a Sam-Q Adapter Kit
– CUSCO Engine & Transmission Mounts
– Xcessive 1-piece Drive Shaft
– Stock LSD with TRD 4.78 Final and T3 Rebuild
– Custom Exhaust/Magnaflow Cat./Magnaflow Muffler
– Strut Bar

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– FortuneAuto 500 Coilovers (8kg/6kg)
– Poly Urethane Bushings throughout
– Slotted Brake Rotors
– Techna-Fit Brake Lines
– Every “Wear” Part Replaced.


– Vintage Sparco Steering Wheel
– ’90-made MOMO metal frame fixed back Racing Seat
– Trd Shift Knob
– E-Brake Spin~Turn Knob
– Switches for controlling headlight modes: sleepy stop/constant motion/winking

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– Front Wheels – 14×8 -12 Volk Mesh Wheels (Original Barrels)
– Rear Wheels – 14×8.5 -20 Impul Hoshinos (Original Barrels)
– RAY’S LugNuts
– Goodline-style Front Bumper
– +25mm Fenders
– RunFree Side Steps
– RunFree Rear Bumper
– Custom Rear Bash Bar
– JDM Front Corner Lights
– 30% Window Tint

Follow Marcus on Instagram @pizotchi

Photo Credit: Marcus Pizotchi & INDIE NORTHWEST


Author: Jonathan Rice

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